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Top Door Lock Repairs You Can Make on Your Own

07/07/2015 Back To Blog

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In general, calling in a professional is the best solution you have when you encounter a locksmith related problem However, there are many other cases when you don’t absolutely have to call the locksmith and you can simply choose to do things on your own. Of course, using the services of a pro will be safer, much more comfortable and will provide you with a job well done – but if you really want to go the DIY route, there are certain things you can do in a safe way. Here are some of the most important ones:

Door Lock Repairs You Can Make on Your Own


1. Lubricating the locks. This is one of those things you not only are able to do, but more than recommended to do as well. In other words, don't wait with lubricating your locks until something goes wrong. Locks that are not properly lubricated tend to be sticky and, eventually, they can become completely non-functional as well. A bit of powdered graphite spray or any other lubricant should do the trick!


2. Aligning a door latch. Wear and tear, weather and other factors can make a door latch appear as misaligned. The good news is that this can be fixed fairly easily if you spot exactly why it is that the latch bolt is not meeting the strike plate properly.


3. Pulling a broken key out. If your key broke inside the keyhole, you can try to pull it out with a small piece of coping saw blade or with a key extractor. Also, if you want to avoid the trouble and have the issue fixed as soon as possible, you can call in a professional locksmith contractor who knows how to do this in a fast, speedy and qualitative way. Everything will be back to normal sooner than you even expect!


4. Fixing a turning cylinder. If the setscrews that keep the cylinder in place turn loose, you can fix them by removing the faceplate/the cover of your lockset (mortise or surface-mounted) and then by tightening up the setscrews located on the cylinder.

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